Jumble Berry Pie

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Ignite your child’s imagination and tickle their heart with the scrumpdillyicious “Jumble Berry Pie”! A delightful audio book with original music and enhanced sound effects! Join kids from all over the world at the great Redwood Lodge for the greatest pie baking extravaganza ever. With berries bubbling, flour flying, and honey dripping from their nose, each child creates their own unique pie! When it’s time to discover who has the greatest pie in the world, the head baker in all her wisdom and grace, lets them in on a secrete that brings a smile to every kids face! Jumble Berry Pie is wonderful feel good story for the whole family. Whether listening together at home, in the classroom, the car, or chosen as a great bed time story; Jumble Berry Pie is a sweet delight packed with goodness and love for the whole family to enjoy! Ages 4-8
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