King Henry IV - The Shadow of Succession

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Shakespeare’s riveting, epic drama of a family in crisis, and a country on the brink of civil war. Wracked by illness and tormented by guilt, King Henry IV fears for England’s future after his death. The heir to the throne, Prince Hal, seems intent only on a life of debauchery in the company of the dissolute – but hilarious – Sir John Falstaff. As war looms and the stakes increase, father and son struggle to face their destinies – and each other.
An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring:
Harry Althaus as Earl Of Westmoreland and Justice Shallow
William Brown as King Henry IV
Wilson Cain III as Earl Of Northumberland and Bardolph
Michael J. Cargill as Thomas, Duke Of Clarence and Peto
Tony Dobrowolski as Earl Of Worcester and Chief Justice
Lisa A. Dodson as Mistress Quickly & Nurse
Shawn Douglass as Prince John and Poins
Raul Esparza as Hotspur and Pistol
Raymond Fox as Prince Henry
Ned Mochel as The Douglas and The Messenger
Nicholas Rudall a Sir John Falstaff
Doran Schrantz as Humphrey, Duke Of Gloucester & Doll Tearsheet
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