Last Men Out - The True Story of America's Heroic Final Hours in Vietnam

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On April 30, 1975, for twenty-four straight harrowing hours, a small band of U.S. Marines exhibited exceptional bravery to evacuate thousands from Saigon as North Vietnamese forces surged toward the city. Based on a wealth of recently declassified documents and in-depth, firsthand accounts, Last Men Out is the pulse-pounding story of that day, told primarily through the courageous actions of the eleven men who were the last to be flown off the U.S. embassy roof, rescued from certain death just moments before capture. Among them: Marine Captain Gerry Berry, who piloted his helicopter for eighteen hours straight and had to forcibly carry off the American ambassador, and General Richard Carey, who insisted that he would arrest any officer who ordered choppers grounded while there were still Marines in Saigon.
Bob Drury and Tom Clavin gained unprecedented access to the actual transmissions between helicopter pilots, officers, and officials in Saigon, secretly recorded by the National Security Agency, and have had the full cooperation of the eight surviving men of those last eleven. Last Men Out unfolds with all the heart-stopping urgency of the best thrillers-a riveting true story finally told, in full, by those who lived it.
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