Lavender Lies

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The exploits of ex-lawyer and herbalist China Bayles continue.
In Lavender Lies, the eighth volume (and second audio) in the series, China must put her upcoming nuptials on the back burner when a murder investigation entangles her friends and neighbors.
"Good riddance", is the response of every Pecan Spring resident to the murder of Edgar Coleman, a local real estate shark. With the small-town gossip mill running full tilt, it doesn't take long for China to learn that Coleman was no stranger to adultery and blackmail.
With her fiance, the interim police chief, immersed in the murder investigation—and the suspect list growing longer by the minute—China can forget about a honeymoon; that is, unless she can find the killer. As China investigates, she starts digging up dirt on people she knows—and unearthing secrets that were best left six feet under.
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