Leadership – Inspiration = Administration - 30-Minute Leadership Lessons To Boost Your Leadership Skills

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Have you ever worked for a “command and control” manager who treated you like an errand runner? Or how about a leader who simply didn’t know how to set a direction that you could easily follow? Or maybe you’ve worked with someone who led by sitting in her office all day completely detached from the real world around her? If any of these scenarios hits close to home for you and your leadership style, then you need to listen to Leadership – Inspiration = Administration by internationally known leadership and project management expert Lonnie Pacelli. Lonnie provides no-nonsense leadership lessons on how to be a leader whom team members follow because they want to, not because they have to. Get some helpful tips on how to inspire your team to perform through: 1. Painting a clear compelling picture of what “done” looks like 2. Articulating a clear plan to success 3. Removing barriers 4. Praising calculated risk taking 5. Celebrating wins 6. Coaching your team 7. Encouraging ownership. Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Winston Churchill, Rudy Giuliani, and George Washington have all shown outstanding inspirational leadership traits and have motivated people to want to follow them through their clarity of purpose and plan to achieve their goals. Being an inspirational leader is more than just being a good administrator; it means you’re credible enough that a team will follow you even if they don’t have to follow you. Listen to Lonnie’s practical, no-nonsense take-aways to help you become the type of inspirational leader that teams crave to follow.
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