Learning My Name

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When the prodigal returns home, the real relational work between father and son begins.
Learning My Name is the harrowing chronicle of a fearful prodigal putting family relationships on the line as he learns to trust the love of both his dad and his heavenly Father for the sake of putting neurotic, addictive thinking to rest.
But this book is more than the author's story; it is the story of humanity's interaction with God. Desperation becomes discovery, and light floods onto both the prodigal tendencies of evangelical faith, and the character of the Trinity whose love beckons us home.
This is the story of finding that 'the love of the Father is far more durable than we've come to believe,' and discovering a new joy in God's goodness and love. It's a book for tired rebels, fearful followers, and anyone who longs to meet the God of laughter and adventure.
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