Legend of Chawkaterro

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Long before the white men came, the Kiahawks faced their greatest enemy. The enemy came from within, he who was once their Chief. A long winter makes meat scarce, and the Kiahawks compete with the Haquani for what meager food can be found. With only cannibalism or a pact as options, the Haquani Chief, Fire Cloud, makes an agreement with Chief Chawkaterro to join their nations and to share hides and meat. Chawkaterro believes Fire Cloud's words are a trap, and forces his people to attack the Haquani as they enter the camp under truce. After the bloody battle Chawkaterro meets a new enemy, a giant white wolf. Rather than bringing the meat from this kill to the starving people, he sacrifices it to Tiwana, Mother Earth, and is given the power of the wolf. The gift comes at a terrible price...an insatiable appetite satisfied only by the taste of human flesh.
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