Lesser Heroes

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Author Zane S. Taylor was born in Ephraim, Utah, a small town in the exact center of the state of Utah and grew up in a family of four children with loving parents who didn't know they were poor. Zane was engaged in a fight with the enemy as an infantryman in France, Germany, and Belgium. This was a big challenge. He had always been taught to love his enemies, do good and always help his fellowmen.
Growing up in a small Junior College town provided him with opportunities to learn, attend college functions such as lyceums, football and basketball games and other enjoyable programs.
The surrounding hills and mountains was a playground for him to hike, bike, hunt and explore rock quarries. The pea cannery and farmers provided work for young people; harvesting crops (hay, grain, peas), riding horses, feeding animals, herding sheep and turkeys.
College and a church mission were in store for Zane, but a letter from the President calling him to serve in the army became his first priority. His desire to tell the details of serving as an infantryman has been on his mind for over 60 years. In addition to some very scary, exciting experiences the story tells of his inner feelings and day-to-day happenings that infantryman endure. He learned the real power of prayer and faith in God and his son Jesus Christ. The war taught him many basic skills of surviving and facing life with whatever one is faced with each day. His life now with his beautiful wife, seven great children and posterity of 55 has given him joy and peace in a troubled world. Many were 'Lesser Heroes' in the war. All those who served should not be forgotten and better ways will hopefully be found to solve problems. War Is Hell...
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