Life with Dad - Lessons Learned, Taught and Shared

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Life on earth is finite. It has a beginning and it has an ending and we dont ever know how much time that there is between the two. Unlike other memoirs that dwell on the perceived negativity between people and their parents, Life with Dad focuses on and teaches us to look at the positive and long lasting impact that our relationships with our parents can have upon us. Living life is rather like unraveling a mystery novel. If the novel is well written it takes lots of twists and turn and keeps you guessing until you reach the end where you figure it all out. Some people never solve the mystery of life; he did. Dad helped take away a lot of the mystery in life for me. By sharing what he learned he helped make life easier for me and for others to live more meaningful lives. He shared what he learned with me on his lifes journey but I never got the chance to thank him properly. By learning from my failures I encourage you to thank your parents for everything good in this world that you ever learned from them and to take the time to teach your children just as your parents taught you. Dont wait until it is too late.
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