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Now anyone can live and love the Chuy Bravo way, thanks to this audiobook and its little nuggets of advice covering family, finances, friendship, fashion, travel, food, fitness, and more. The audiobook also contains the first-ever comprehensive Chuy Bravo autobio documenting his extraordinary life.
Love Nugget Sample
Surprising your lover with a weekend trip is always a great way to score points. Another way is to not cheat on them with a Carnival Cruise shuffleboard instructor on the way to .
Food Nugget Sample
If you don't think Lipton Onion Soup Mix with sour cream is the best dip in the world, then you and your dumb-ass taste buds need to fuck off big time.
Finance Nugget Sample
Invest in hog farms. People love bacon. Sorry, PETA, but it's amazing.
Family Nugget Sample
If you trace your family heritage and discover you're from a long line of brutal slave owners, it's totally okay to kill the graduate student from the local college who helped you do the research.
Entertainment Nugget Sample
If this is Matthew McConaughy listening to this book, please stop making romantic comedies.
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