Little Tobrah

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Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936) had visited many countries, and travels gave inspiration for many works of the writer. The short story "Little Tobrah" was first published in the Civil and Military Gazette on 17 July 1888. The sister of Little Tobrah was found dead at the bottom of a well and there was no person around, except him, but the girl could fall down incidentally. Therefore Little Tobrah was acquitted and he could go. It wasn't so merciful because he had no place to go and had nothing to eat. After he had left the court, an Englishman let bring the boy to his house. There Tobrah told his story to grooms. His sister and he had nothing to eat, and their parents had died of a sickness. One night Tobrah and his sister came to a well. How did the story end? Read "Little Tobrah" to know it.
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