Look at You Now - My Journey from Shame to Strength

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CHICAGO TRIBUNE BESTSELLER • For readers of Orange Is the New Black and The Glass Castle, a riveting memoir about a lifelong secret and a girl finding strength in the most unlikely place
In 1979, Liz Pryor is a seventeen-year-old girl from a good family in the wealthy Chicago suburbs. Halfway through her senior year of high school, she discovers that she is pregnant-a fact her parents are determined to keep a secret from her friends, siblings, and community forever. One snowy January day, after driving across three states, her mother drops her off at what Liz thinks is a Catholic home for unwed mothers-but which is, in truth, a locked government-run facility for delinquent and impoverished pregnant teenage girls.
In the cement-block residence, Liz is alone and terrified, a fish out of water-a girl from a privileged, sheltered background living amid tough, street-savvy girls who come from the foster care system or juvenile detention. But over the next six months, isolated and in involuntary hiding from everyone she knows, Liz develops a surprising bond with the other girls and begins to question everything she once held true. Told with tenderness, humor, and an open heart, Look at You Now is a deeply moving story about the most vulnerable moments in our lives-and how a willingness to trust ourselves can permanently change who we are and how we see the world.
Praise for Look at You Now
"A funny, tender and brave coming-of-age tale."-People
"A poignant, often funny reminder that we learn who we are when we're at our most challenged."-Good Housekeeping
"Searingly honest."-Family Circle
"Readers will swiftly be drawn into the author's compassionate retelling of her teen pregnancy-her fear, shame, regret, joy, and even her forgiveness of her parents for sending her away. This coming-of-age memoir is authentic and unforgettable."-Publishers Weekly
"[Liz] Pryor's refusal to bury the truth of her experiences is the greatest strength of her book. Her honesty about a youthful error and desire to let that honesty def
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