Lost History of America - Information Not Found in Modern History Books

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The goal is to make this a secular, Godless country. Americas history has been revised with half-truths, lies, and the ideology of those who would rejoice in the complete removal of God from our society. Little do they know the power of the Heavenly Father, who chose not the scholar or the rich and famous, but a midwestern mother of three to inform America and her people of the true beliefs of its Founders. Lost History of America did not come from the Internet, any reference found in a library, or the revised history books of today. Its pages are filled with text, events, facts, and information provided by the people who were instrumental in Americas quest for independence and freedom. Holy Providence has overseen the gathering of the original books written, published, and held by our Founders and everyday people who faced down a tyrannical empire for love of God, country, family, and freedom.
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