Love Is Red

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Panic has seized New York City. Someone is brutally murdering women, a killer the media dubs the "Sicle Man" thanks to the way he disfigures his victims. People think he's the next Son of Same, but because the Sickle Man's vercerally seductive voice forms one strand of Love is Red, we know how he thinks and how he fells…and that the city has never seen anything like him. Taking more than just his victim's lives, the Sickle Man kills to harvest the precious hues each one carries within her, which only he can see. Each death brings him closer to capturing the one color, and the one woman, that he must possess at any cost.
While the hunt for the Sickle Man excalates, Katherine Emerson is preoccupied with finding The One. Could he be the handsome and personable David, or the alluring yet aloof Sael? But how well does she really know these men/ Andy why is she suddenly hauted by increasingly disturbing visions/ Katherine may not be aware of the power she possesses, but her moment of awakening is here.
What begins as an exhilarating novel of suspense, of the hunter and hunted, unfolds into a blazingly intense epic of obsession and control, desire and fate. As Sophie Jaff's hypnotic narrative twists and turns, we learn we are not at the mercy of a madman, but of great, much more dangerous forces than we could possibly imagine.
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