Love Struck

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Description: When twenty-seven-year-old image consultant Poppy Ross discovers that her handsome and seemingly devoted husband Parker is having an affair, she is dumbfounded. Before she has chance to confront him, however, he is struck by lightning. When he regains consciousness, he has lost his short-term memory-including that of the affair. Given a chance to erase history and possibly save her marriage, Poppy decides to remake herself in the mistress"s image, so that Parker might never be tempted to stray again. Her quest to become his perfect woman has disastrous and hilarious results-and just might turn out to be the worst thing possible for their relationship.
A Winnipeg Free Press bestseller

" A funny and bubbly treat of a novel that is sure to brighten your day." -- Sarah Mlynowski, New York Times bestselling author of 10 Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn't Have) and Gimme A Call

" Love Struck will have you laughing out loud and constantly hoping, 'Please don' t do what I think you' re going to do.' -- ChickLitReviews.com

"Laugh out loud funny with thoughtful insights and soul." -- NovelEscapes.com
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