Love is That Quality of Mind in Which There is No Division - Bombay (Mumbai) 1971 - Public Talk 3

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"Love is that quality of mind in which there is no division - 14 February 1971
• To live in this world with intelligence, in spite of all the complications.
• Is it possible to be free of fear, not only the superficial fear in relationship but
the deep-rooted fear?
• Thought nourishes, sustains and gives continuity to fear and pleasure.
• When you are learning, your mind is awake.
• Truth isn’t second-hand; you can’t get it through a guru, a book, you have to
learn about it. The beauty of learning is that you don’t know what truth is.
• What is love?
• A man who has not love in his heart, but the things made by thought, will make
a monstrous world, will construct a society that is totally immoral. To find out,
you must undo everything that you have done.
• What does it mean to die?"
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