Lucy in the Sky

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Lucy in the Sky is a coming-of-age tale set in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1969. Not precisely niched in young adult fiction, Lucy lightly touches on such weighty issues as the meaning of life and the existence of God. For those interested in answers to The Big Questions or just keen to revisit a simpler time, Lucy in the Sky promises a fun and compelling trip – and that means "trip" in every sense of the word. Gene Steen is an earnest, intelligent, truth-seeking teen stuck in the cultural wasteland of his suburban home. He wants to be a hippie in the worst way, but hippies are scarce on the ground in the forlorn Midwest of Gene’s 15th year. Then, propitiously on the Summer Solstice, his life is turned upside down by the arrival of his lively, lovely, long-lost cousin Lucy. She’s hip beyond Gene’s wildest dreams and immediately takes him under her wing. Lucy teaches Gene that being a hippie isn’t about love beads and peace signs, but about making a choice and taking a stand. Yet for all her airy insights into religion, philosophy, and “the is-ness of it all”, Lucy harbors dark secrets – secrets that will soon put her on the run, with Gene by her side.
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