Maggie: The Beagle with a Broken Tail

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How did Maggie, a beagle puppy, growing up on Growler's Puppy Farm, break her tail? Author Evelyn Shikert Gilmer has delighted young readers by following Maggie, The Beagle With The Broken Tail through heartwarming adventures on the puppy farm. Maggie's adorable friends include Buster Beautiful, the junk yard dog, and Sassy, the tabby cat. Did Maggie break her tail in Growler's farm bucket? Or was it riding the four-wheeler with Stephen? Maybe jumping in the monkey grass or chasing butterflies in the garden broke it. Maggie, The Beagle With The Broken Tail tugs at your heart strings as she struggles to accept her brokenness and worries if she will ever find a loving home.
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