Maggie and the Ferocious Beast - The Big Scare

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A terrible secret is making the Ferocious Beast sit next to the River of Dreams and cry. Maggie and Hamilton Hocks want to help. "Tell us your secret and then you'll feel better," they urge their sad friend. "Sometimes I get scared," the Ferocious Beast finally admits. But what could frighten a big, ferocious beast? Is it something worse than sea monsters, ghosts, and spaceships from another galaxy? These are the things that scare Maggie and Hamilton--even though they've never seen them. But how can they get the Ferocious Beast to tell them his fears? The basis for the popular, award-winning television series on Nickelodeon, the Maggie and the Ferocious Beast books teach children gentle, entertaining lessons. Narrator John McDonough's deep, friendly voice is reassuringly familiar as he leads listeners through this charming adventure.
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