Maggie's American Dream

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Maggie's American Dream is one of the most inspiring Black success stories ever written.
Maggie Comer was a poor, uneducated mother of five who believed that the only way her children were going to make something of themselves in the world was through education. Fighting obstacles such as racism, oppression, poverty, hardship, and World War II, Maggie made certain her children had the opportunity to live the American Dream she never could. All five of Maggie's children ultimately went on to become outstanding academic achievers, earning a total of thirteen college degrees among them. Told through Maggie's own words and through those of her son James—an award-winning child psychiatrist and brilliant educator—Maggie's American Dream is an unforgettable chronicle of courage, resourcefulness, and pride.
Together, the memories of mother and son form an engrossing history of one Black family's struggle for freedom and equality, as well as a compelling testimonial for the life-changing power of education.
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