Management Skills for the New Sales Manager

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The new sales manager needs some key skills to be successful. Do you know what specific skill so many sales managers lack and so many sales teams wish they had? Would you like to know what it takes to get your sales team ingrained in the training they need? Best-selling author Dr. Kimberly Alyn shares seven key management skills for the new sales manager. Topics of discussion include: *What your sales team needs to succeed *How you can develop butt-kicking sales people *A common misconception sales managers have and why it hurts their team *What it really means to support your sales team *What you need to know about how you are perceived *Key secrets to building trust in your sales team *Getting rid of a common and counterproductive mentality in your sales team. Sales people don’t always do well when they promote to sales managers. One reason for this is their inability to make the transition to leader, mentor, and coach. Being a sales manager requires a lot more skill than just being able to sell or manage projects. Dr. Alyn reveals the necessary management skills to be successful as a new sales manager.
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