Mark Twain In Person Vol. 1

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Studio recordings of the best monologues from Richard Henzel’s one man play Mark Twain In Person. Selections include the familiar and the rarely heard excerpts from Mark Twain’s writings, speeches, and private remarks mixed with improvisational moments as well. Includes: Whitewashing the Fence - Tom Sawyer learns a valuable lesson - from the Adventures of Tom Sawyer; Life As I Find It - Mark Twain's philosophy in a nutshell--from What is Man?; Livy - Olivia Langdon Clemens--from Mark Twain’s Autobiography; the Carnival of Crime in Connecticut - Mark Twain battles his arch nemesis to the death - adapted from the short story; the Skeeter Woman - an interesting fellow traveler - from Roughing It; and the Private History of a Campaign that Failed - the "glory" of war - adapted From the short story.
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