Maynard Moose: Live From the National Storytelling Festival

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The Uglified Ducky? The Moose and the Cheese? Sleeping Beastly?
All of those and more are served up here in the voice of Maynard Moose, the alter-ego of storyteller Willy Claflin. As Maynard reminds us, traditional Mother Moose tales serve to preserve traditional Moose values. If you've ever been in stitches over a creative retelling of a classic story, these Mother Moose stories may threaten to pull the stitches out. They certainly pull all the stops.
The Wolf Who Cried Sheep
Turtle and Buuny
So What and Drop dead
The Uglified Ducky
Stupid Jack With Beanstalk
The Bully Goat Grimm
The Moose and the Cheese
Sleeping Beastly
The Third Little Pig
The Mermoose of Muskadunk Lake
Lion and Mousie
Lazy Jack
Cinderella and the Three Bears
Pegamoose and the Gorgonzola Medusa
Hush Little Moosie
The Little Red Hen
The Brementown Storytellers
Ants and Grasshopper
Done 100

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