Medieval Bedazzle

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Returning from a vacation in Britain, an attractive young physics teacher eavesdrops on a conversation between five ghastly individuals. As she hears these self-proclaimed ancient spooks discussing a remarkable Shakespearian cover-up, she is propelled into a world of furtive secrecy and immense terror. Forced to contemplate a dastardly whitewash by historians, she struggles to uncover all that was once hidden and unlock an intriguing medieval mystery. Owed to a pending threat to the lives of her and those she holds dear, she delves into the vaults of literary history and struggles to find the true essence of the late and mighty King Richard III. Convinced that the Bard has done the icon king a disservice, she sets out to prove that the much-maligned ruler was not as evil as history remembers him. Join poet-turned-author Tecoa Washington as she mixes together the modern and the medieval, stirring in a bit of Chaucer, Einstein, Homer, Milton, Ovid, and a few others for good measure. Sit back and watch as the tale comes to a boil. The end result is a delicious serving of Medieval Bedazzle. Try this thrilling dish of deception and suspense.
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