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Guided imagery meditations to relieve stress and enhance wellness
Track 1 - Introduction & Directions
Reminder - operating equipment while using, directions for diaphramatic breathing
Track 2 - Centering Breath Meditation
Diaphragmatic breathing to quiet the mind and regain focus
Track 3 - Sighing Breath Meditation
Breath work to release stress, fatigue, pent up emotion
Track 4 - Transforming Energy Meditation
Breathwork to release negative energy and increase positive energy
Track 5 - The Cocoon of Light Meditation
Creating and managing your energy field
Track 6 - The Power Nap
Imagery to release fatigue, re-energize and regain alertness
Track 7 - My Special Place
Imagery to shift focus to a safe, beautiful place in nature to increase calm and inner peace
Track 8 - Passive Relaxation
A guided body scan to release fatigue, discomfort and deepen relaxation in muscles
Track 9 - Inviting Deep, Restful Sleep
Imagery to quiet the mind, let go of the day, and achieve deep, restful sleep
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