Mislaid - A Novel

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Stillwater College in Virginia, 1966. Freshman Peggy, an ingenue with literary pretensions, falls under the spell of Lee, a blue-blooded poet and professor, and they begin an ill-advised affair that results in an unplanned pregnancy and marriage. The couple are mismatched from the start - she's a lesbian, he's gay - but it takes a decade of emotional erosion before Peggy runs off with their three-year-old daughter, leaving their nine-year-old son behind.
Worried that Lee will have her committed for her erratic behavior, Peggy goes underground, adopting an African American persona for her and her daughter. They squat in a house in an African American settlement, eventually moving to a housing project where no one questions their true racial identities. As Paggy and Lee's children grow up, they must contend with diverse emotional issues: Byrdie must deal with his father's compulsive honesty; while Karen struggles with her mother's lies - she knows neither her ral age, nor that shis is "white," nor that she has any other family.
Years later, a minority scholarship lands Karen at the University of Virginia, wher Byrdie is in his senior year. Evenstually the long lost sibling will et, setting off a series of misunderstandings and culminating in a comedic finale worthy of Shakespeare.
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