Missy's Memoirs - The Life and Times of One Domesticated Dog

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I don't know, but I've been told...being in boot camp really gets old. Make me stay inside all day...give me freedom, then take it away. Sound off, one, two. Sound off, three, four. One, two, three, four...make me sit...before I go out the door!
Missy was the top dog around her house. She got muddy with her boy in the backyard and got to sleep on the bed every night. She kept away intruders with her ferocious bark and was petted and fed treats by the lady. But then the Major married the lady, and Missy found herself enrolled in doggy boot camp. Major was the alpha dog, and Missy had to do everything he said! He made Missy sit still and not beg. He wouldn't let her sleep on the bed anymore. Worst of all, he told her to walk properly on a leash and not chase after birds and cars! Missy didn't like it at first. But could there be something good about doggy boot camp? Missy's Memoirs will make you laugh at this dog's unique view of the world.
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