Mistress of the Inn (La locandiera)

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Mirandolina runs an inn in Florence alone with only the help of her loyal employee Fabricius, and all of her guests are in love with her. The wealthy but only newly aristocratic Count D’Albafiorita and the impoverished but noble Marquis di Forlipopoli vie for her affections while debating the respective value of wealth and nobility (and insulting each other a good deal along the way). The misogynistic Cavalier di Ripafratta scoffs at their shared infatuation and ridicules the idea of love, but will he too fall victim to the beautiful innkeeper’s charms? And can any of them win the heart of the independent Mirandolina? - Summary by Mary J
Cast List
Narrator: Mary J
Mirandolina: Amanda Friday
The Cavalier di Ripafratta: Anthony
The Marquis di Forlipopoli: ToddHW
The Count D'Albafiorita: Peter Tucker
Fabricius: James Simenc
Servant of the Cavalier: KHand
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