Misty of Chincoteague

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Each year, wild ponies on Assateague Island are rounded up and coaxed across a narrow strip of ocean to Chincoteague Island. There, to thin out the herds, they are sold. The ponies are shaggy and untamed, but one of them has captured the hearts of a young boy and his sister. As Pony Penning Day dawns, the two children hope that they can capture the Phantom, buy her, and lead her home. Weeks of odd jobs to earn the money, and hours of cleaning out a stall have built up their confidence that they can succeed though others have failed to get near the swift horse. The story of Paul and Maureen, their love for the wildest mare on Assateague, and how they came to befriend her and her newborn foal is a classic tale of adventure, bravery, and unexpected joy. Marguerite Henry’s novel has been beloved by generations of young readers since it was first published in 1947. It is a Newbery Honor Book.
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