Modern Magic: A Practical Treatise on the Art of Conjuring

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This "how-to" book covers everything for the 1800's illusionist, from stage presence & dress, program and stage arrangement, to how to do tricks with cards, coins, watches, rings, handkerchiefs, dominoes and dice, cups and balls, hats, and other apparatus. "I have purposely limited my disclosures to such illusions as have been sufficiently long before the public to be fairly regarded as common property. Within this limit I have endeavored to make my explanations as complete as possible; but to go beyond it would be to infringe a moral copyright, and to deprive gentlemen to whom Modern Magic is especially indebted, of the well-earned fruits of their labor and invention." - Summary by TriciaG
Proof-Listeners: Joyful in MN, Billl Boerst
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