Mojave Showdown

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A fellow'd have to be more than a man or else just plain loco to lead eighteen head of stolen prize borax mules into the blistering, man-killing Mojave. But no jasper west of Tombstone ever accused Mangas Saragosa, "the Demon of the Desert," of being an ordinary human. With the ill-gotten poke earned from selling the purloined livestock, the giant, tattoo-covered Redskin could concentrate on murdering owlhoots who slaughtered his family. And anyone, guilty or otherwise, who got in Saragosa's way was fixing to end up as rotting buzzard bait! The Mojave was out of Sheriff Ned Cody's jurisdiction. But his two best friends were being toted face down across a couple of Saragosa's mules-still breathing, but just barely-and Cody was willing to take on the Devil himself to set them free. But that meant entering the "demon's" territory.
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