Motoring Tales - Six Stories Inspired by the Early Automobile

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As the invention of the automobile enabled quicker travel and enhanced the lives of the early motorists, it also gave new impetus to a generation of story writers.
Automobiles were unusual, unfamiliar beasts. They combined speed and danger with an uncanny ability to break down at unexpected moments, catapulting the unhappy traveller into new adventures, or thusting mystery strangers onto the inhabitants of remote houses.
Early motor cars were sometimes awarded the same personal qualities which had previously been attributed to horses...and crashed cars might come back as ghosts to haunt the road where they "died".
Red Door Audiobooks presents six short classic stories in which the automobile takes centre stage.
1. "The Dust Cloud", by E. F. Benson
2. "A Joy Ride", by A. J. Alan
3. "They", by Rudyard Kipling
4. "My Adventure in Norfolk", by A. J. Alan
5. "The Bus Conductor", by E. F. Benson
6. "A Coincidence", by A. J. Alan
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