Murder in Shades of Gray - A Novel

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An untimely death shakes the foundation of mega-corporation Larimore Industries. A corrupt nursing home director gets his just desserts. A cruel millionaire ends up with a bullet in the back of his head. Black and white turn to shades of gray as Mr. Diablo-through his pawn, Oxley Van Dam, a retired accountant-offers the seduction of wealth to those who have spent an entire career 'nose to the grindstone' but with little to show for it. 'Everyone dies sometime,' Diablo explains. 'We are simply rearranging the schedule.' As the murder syndicate As Ochos begins to thrive, who can stop this seemingly perfect scheme? It's up to detectives Venture, Pretraius, and Lakota Rising Star to tie the clues together and stop the killings. And what of the mysterious Abisha and his mystical powers used for good and redemption...?
Pick up Lyle A. Way's Murder in Shades of Gray for a thrilling mystery ride you won't want to miss out on.
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