My Daddy Don't Cry No More

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Is there a thing as a perfect love between a daughter and her daddy? Thats what Dumpling Lampins believes. In her new novel, My Daddy Dont Cry No More, author Susie Hill uncovers the myths and truths about a daughter and Daddys perfect love for each other. Dumpling is a twelve- year-old girl, who loves her Daddy as a twin in her soul. She is willing to protect him at all cost. In the same way, L.C. Lampins, Daddy, shares that same love for Dumpling. Ever since she was born he has protected her from every pain, hurt, disappointment, and shame she has ever experienced. But neither one of them is prepared for what can and will take place in such love. The very thing Dumpling has wished for and Daddy has prayed for has finally arrived, My Daddy Dont Cry No More. In this novel, Susie Hill has sown the gospel of salvation in such away that every Daddy will want to prepare their daughter for a love greater than themselves. All readers will enjoy this page turner, while questioning a love beyond their Daddies. Is anyone exempt from what could happen when My Daddy Dont Cry No More?
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