My Side of the Trench

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Author Haley R. Bagley, in her book My Side of the Trench, creates amazing word pictures carrying the reader right into the trenches with her main character, Ardy. She beautifully describes the scenes in her book in a way that will make you feel as if you were truly a part of the story. My Side of the Trench is a wonderful tale of a young man in the war who comes to know God for the first time. It is a story of both faith and love here on earth between God's people, and a story of God?s unending love to those of us who love him and are faithful to him.
'Haley Bagley has cooked up a swashbuckling adventure full of non-stop action. Our hero is dragged pell-mell around the trenches of another European war through extraordinary situations, and engages in the most unlikely exploits imaginable. In the process, he is forever changed by an accidental discovery that appears altogether meaningless until he has a chance encounter with a stranger. Through it all, we learn the importance of courage, friendship, faith, and the miraculous power of love. Miss Bagley's first novel will most certainly not be her last!'
Stephen Cragle, M.D.
'Haley Bagley keeps you intrigued throughout this captivating story, while successfully sharing the most important message any of us can give to othersâ€'the life-saving truth of faith in Jesus Christ. This is quite an accomplishment for a young author's first published work...'
Jan Brown
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