My Three Part Life

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"This three part story moves through my life experience from aged 13. At that time following my mothers death I fell out with the family and quickly developed a blind hatred of all my family and all authority.
Part 1. ( The Adventurer)
This part tells the story from my leaving the family home a mixed up full of hatred boy going to sea where my unbelievable life took me to war torn Cuba. From there I travelled to the wilds of Alaska to work on the Early warning system in a work force of hard men, where murder and crippling
beatings were a daily occurrence. I then moved to Ontario to live on an Indian reservation for a
period before entering the world of easy money, selling life insurance. Followed by a time in
commercial radio prior to being deported back to the UK.
Part 2. (The Criminal)
Following my being deported my life as a criminal began, to my eventually being described in the
national press as Scotland's Top Conman. (Not True)
Following this interesting and great learning experience, I was offered a job as an International
business troubleshooter working for a well known QC and chairman of numerous public
companies, introducing me into the world of finance and politics . (Back with the criminals)
He contracted me out to top politicians and business gurus. (I did their dirty work)
This included people such as Robert Maxwell , Margaret Thatcher, and many others including
Charley Haughey the Irish premier. To the regret of many I found them out.
(Where is the pension fund?) I know !!!!
Part 3. (The Honest Family Man)
Following this period I then met the woman who was destined to take me under her wing and completely turn my crazy world around and to finally find peace and contentment in a family life, with my lovely wife Jean, my daughter Katrina, son in law Alex and of course our wee Yorkie Pepe.
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