Natural Tranquilizers

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Most of us occasionally reach for a tranquilizer-- alcohol, medication, cigarettes -- when we’re uptight or overwrought. The six brief relaxation routines on this unusual tape provide a healthy substitute. Halpern music in the background.
Track 1: Clear the Deck. Sweep away the mental clutter that causes tension. (10:37)
Track 2: Body Scan. Take a tour of the body, seeking and releasing tension. (9:47)
Track 3: 99 Countdown. Prepares the listener for sleep by evoking a deep relaxation response. (9:37)
Track 4: Calm Down. Send a gift of peace through positive phrases. (8:25)
Track 5: Soothing Colors. Loosen the “knots” that bind, so the listener can relax. (11:20)
Track 6: Breathe Ten. Turn simple deep breathing into an effective exercise to use anywhere. (10:14)
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