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It is the twenty-sixth century, and after colonizing much if the solar system, mankind is ready to set their sights on exploring the galaxy. In the first part of his new science fiction space saga, author Brian Mais tells the harrowing and deadly tale of mankinds first encounter with a bloodthirsty alien race bent on humankinds extermination. After abruptly losing contact with a space probe sent to document an Earth-like planet in another solar system, mankind sends a human expedition to this alien solar system to investigate the planet known as Darwin. But shortly after arriving, the human expedition team finds more than a planet void of animal life, but an enemy far more deadly and ruthless than any to ever walk the Earth. Forced to evade merciless aliens, nightmarish creatures, and the wrath of the universes most feared rulers, the humans will have to pit their allegiance with a mysterious band of rebel aliens in order to save themselves and mankind from extinction. Whether a hardcore lover of science fiction or a reader of all genres, Nebula will keep you hooked until the shocking end.
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