Never Diet Again - Your Food Plan for Life

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Never Diet Again: Your Food Plan For Life

This is the simplest guide to weight loss, getting your weight in balance for the long term, and living a healthy life. The author lost 40 lbs through this plan. But more importantly, as he says, he kept the weight off, the thing most of us fail to do over and over again. The plan emphasizes the overall goal of changing your food plan, not dieting which never seems to work. The plan emphasizes investing in your calories as you would in a financial plan. It also counsels patience much as Warren Buffett does in financial investments. This is not for a week, a month, a year, or a decade. It is for life. So relax and understand any long term plan will have its ups and downs. Just get back up on the diet horse when you get thrown off as we all do. 100s of great tips.
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