New Age or New Creation - Man’s Religions and the Revelation of God

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Old Creation, New Creation
Do all religions say the same thing? With contemporary thought as the forerunner, William Green engages the question. Title digs deep into the cultural, spiritual, and theological phenomena of this current age. New Age spiritualism, Eastern religious influence, and counter-cultural practices work to define the contemporary age. Green incorporates these budding ideas and delves into the timeless debates surrounding Christianity's role in a rainbow of religion. Separated into two creations, the Old and the New, Green philosophically and practically proves Christianity to be in a world of its own. Culturally respectful and intelligently wrought, title sheds new light on the Christian faith.
William J. Green writes from the perspective and understanding of one who knows the mindset, the goal and the achievement of the non-Christian spiritual quest. In the wake of the great counter-culture era of his generation Green spent years in this personal journey before embracing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. After more years seeking the Holy presence that quickens the lives of the Lord's own, and not without a series of humbling and comical experiences, Green was blessed by the Holy Spirit in a manner that clarified the difference between the religions of man and the revelation of God. Green's work, Old Creation, New Creation, is the result of that infilling and his reflections on the New Age mindset which he formerly embraced.
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