Nick West and the Curse of Haunted Island

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Nick West is an archeologist by profession, but when the fate of the world and the life of his sister are at stake, everything changes. Two hundred years ago a pirate ship crashed into an island off the northern coast of Florida and when all on board perished the island enacted its curse: when someone dies on the island they must inhabit the island eternally in skeleton form. Nicks sister and a group of her friends travel to the uninhabited and forbidden island in search of a peaceful Halloween night, and to prove once and for all that the island is not cursed. While on the island, pirate skeletons kidnap Nicks sister and plan to take over the world by using a magic scepter that they posses. Will the pirate skeletons succeed in taking over the world? Can Nick get to the island in time to save his sister and the world? Only time will tell.
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