Night Eating No More

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“Night Eating No More” was designed to help you manage the stress and overcome the imbalance responsible for unhealthy eating behaviors. It can help you recognize the triggers that arise and lead to unwanted eating habits and undesirable results. Suggestions are provided to the listener to balance and optimize the hormones melatonin and leptin both associated with sleep and night eating. Melatonin helps maintain sleep, and in most people, levels rise at night. A 1999 study published by the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) found that people with Night Eating Syndrome (NES) had lower than normal levels of Melatonin which could explain why they easily awaken. The appetite-surpressing hormone Leptin also tends to peak at night, a pattern that may explain why most people do not experience hunger during sleep. The same JAMA study found that night eaters had low levels of Leptin.
The Science Behind Imadulation’s Guided Imagery
The mental images we hold affect not only our emotions, but also our physiology. Guided Imagery is a technique that utilizes powerful and positive sensorial experiences to heal the mind-body connection. Imadulation's unique Guided Imagery contains a prosodic, soothing, melodic voice spoken over peaceful music with sounds from nature. Combined with binaural audio, these techniques have been shown scientifically to promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Binaural audio contains targeted frequencies that entrain alpha and theta brain waves, which are the frequencies dominant in states of relaxation. It also enhances neuroplasticity by breaking up rigid patterns of behavior.

Track 1: Night Eating No More - Intro
Track 2: Night Eating No More - Induction
Track 3: Night Eating No More - The Journey
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