Nightwalker: Into The Clear

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After eight months of hiding out in a dark abandoned mine shaft, James Wolfe, survivor of the recent Nuclear War on America, discovers the world as he knew it has changed, and so has he. Perhaps due to the radioactive water he was forced to drink in the mine, his hair has gone snow white, he can sense radiation, he has perfect night vision, and has the strength of half a dozen men. Still, all he wants to do is make his way home and to see that his family is safe. Unfortunately, this proves more difficult than he could ever imagine. Unable to ignore those needing his help, he finds himself using his new found strength and abilities to defend others, and himself. Not normally a violent man, several times his acts of "defense" have ended in the deaths of powerful outlaws and corrupt government soldiers. Now, he is on the run, hunted, with no one he can trust except an abused mongrel dog he rescued. With nothing more than a compound bow and a hunting knife, he must fight those who aim to capture him "dead or alive", and make his way homeward, and into the clear.
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