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The inconceivable has happened. America has been ravaged by nuclear war. James Wolfe, a trucker driving on a isolated State Highway in the Northwest seeing the mushroom clouds in the distance, hid out in an abandoned mine. Now months later, after living on the pretzels he was hauling and a trickle of water in the mine, Wolfe emerges to a world he hardly recognizes. He too has changed. Barely thirty, his hair is now snow white, his eyes are unable to handle bright light, but his night vision is as good as others day vision. But the most mysterious changes, are his ability to detect and avoid metal emitting radiation, and his incredible strength. With dread in his heart, he sets out to find who else, if anyone, has survived this nuclear holocaust. With singleminded determination, he heads toward home to find out what has become of his wife and child. Along the way he finds other survivors. Unfortunately many are lawless and cruel individuals who make him all the more fearful for his family's safety. Wanting nothing more than to get home, Wolfe finds he cannot ignore the plight of those victimized by the new breed of outlaws called "Wilders", and calls upon his new found abilities to help those in need.
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