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First published in 1904, 'Nostromo' is set in the South American republic of Costaguana. In the province of Sulaco everyone's life is shaped, directly or indirectly, by the San Tome silver mine. When the Government is overthrown Charles Gould, owner of the mine, is determined to save the silver from the advancing rebel forces. The enigmatic Nostromo 'the indispensable man', an Italian sailor respected by all, is charged with transporting the silver to a place of safety; but his boat is involved in a collision, and Nostromo makes for a small offshore island where he conceals the treasure. However, even when it is believed lost the silver continues to dominate the lives of the people of Sulaco – not least the 'incorruptible' Nostromo, whose deepening obsession with his secret riches corrupts him and eventually destroys him.
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