Obsessions Can Be Murder

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Charlie is on vacation. A cozy cabin, a diner that serves delicious guiltypleasures, and Drakeall Charlie needs to relax and enjoy herself. But the town of Watson's Lake has a little unsolved mystery. Four years ago, a showplace homebeautiful and serene and tucked away on the mountainblew sky high, due to an apparent gas leak. A young woman died. The owner disappeared. His golddigging wife wants the insurance money, and his daughter wants to know what happened to her father. Charlie can't resist this kind of investigation. As she sifts through the clues, Charlie finds that the residents of this small lakeside town in northern New Mexico seem to know more than they're willing to sayincluding the sheriff. The more Charlie learns, the more mysterious the missing David Simmons becomes. Could David have intentionally doublecrossed his family, or is there a more sinister reason for his disappearance?
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