Oh, the Things I Know! - A Guide to Success, or, Failing That, Happiness

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He's taken on political satire and skewered self-help. Now Al Franken turns the world of earnest, inspirational self-help books on its head.
More advanced than Robert Fulghum, more fit than Maria Shriver's husband, Oh, the Things I Know! is Franken's commencement address for the 21st century. A cradle-to-grave guide for living, it takes young grads from their first job ("Oh, Are You Going to Hate Your First Job!"), through their twenties and thirties ("Oh, the person of Your Dreams vs. the Person You Can Actually Attract!"), into marriage and parenthood ("Oh, Just Looking at Your Spouse Will Make Your Skin Crawl!") and all the way up to senior citizenship (""Oh the Nursing Home You'll Wind Up In!"").
What does a mega success like Al Franken have to say to ordinary people? "There's no point in getting advice from hopeless failures." Filled with wit, wisdom, observations, and practical tips, this is an easy-to-follow user's manual for human existence. Why travel life's highway all by your lonesome when you can bring Al Franken along?"
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