Orpheus And Eurydice

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Ancient Greek fairy tales are full of kindness, secrets and puzzles. They are filled with allegory and wisdom, a triumph of the truth above lies, tricks over insidiousness, savvy and patience. Heroes of Ancient Greek fairy tales find adventures that will not leave anyone indifferent. Once upon a time there was Orpheus. He was the best of harpers. He went with the Grecian heroes to find the Golden Fleece. After his return from the quest he married Eurydice. Even wild beasts loved them, and trees surrounded their home as if they were watered with music. But one day a disaster came upon Orpheus. His lovely wife while she was wandering with the nymphs unwittingly trod upon a serpent in the grass. A snake bite her and she died. For days he wandered from his home, singing the story of his loss. Wherever Orpheus wandered with his lyre, no one had the will to forbid him entrance and at length he found unguarded that very cave that leads to the Underworld. The Underworld was full of dead souls.
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