Our Island Story - Volume 1 - Early History of Great Britain

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Volume One of a five part series telling The Story of Great Britain from its earliest beginnings to World War I. Our Island Story, originally published in 1905 and later updated, details the history of Britain up to World War I (including some myths and legends associated with British history). Author H. E. Marshall based the book on her answers to her children's questions about the history of their "home island" (Great Britain).
Early History of Great Britain
1. The Stories of Albion and Brutus
2. The Coming of the Romans
3. The Romans Come Again
4. How Caligula Conquered Britain, and how Caractacus Refused to be Conquered
5. The Story of a Warrior Queen
6. The Last of the Romans
7. The Story of St. Alban
8. Vortigern and King Constans
9. The Story of the Coming of Hengist and Horsa
10. Hengist's Treachery
11. The Story of How The Giant's Dancer was Brought to Britain
12. The Coming of Arthur
13. The Founding of the Round Table
14. The Story of Gregory and the Pretty Children
15. How King Alfred Learned to Read
16. Kind Alfred in the Cowherd's Cottage
17. More About Alfred the Great
18. Ethelred the Unready
19. How Edmund Ironside Fought for the Crown
20. Canute and the Waves
21. Edward the Confessor
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