Our Island Story - Volume 5 - The French Revolution to World War I

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Volume Five of a five part series telling The Story of Great Britain from its earliest beginnings to World War I. Our Island Story, originally published in 1905 and later updated, details the history of Britain up to World War I (including some myths and legends associated with British history). Author H. E. Marshall based the book on her answers to her children's questions about the history of their "home island" (Great Britain).
The French Revolution (1789 A.D.) to the conclusion of World War I (1919 A.D.)
1. George III – England Expects that Every Man will do his Duty
2. George III – The Battle of Waterloo
3. George IV – The First Gentleman in Europe
4. William IV – The Story of Two Peaceful Victories
5. Victoria – The Girl Queen
6. Victoria – When Bread was Dear
7. Victoria – Peace
8. Victoria – War
9. Victoria – The Land of Snow
10. Victoria – The Siege of Delhi
11. Victoria – The Pipes at Lucknow
12. Victoria – Under the Southern Cross
13. Victoria – From Cannibal to Christian
14. Victoria – Boer and Britain
15. Edward VII – The Peacemaker
16. George V – Armed Peace
17. World War
18. The Hope of the Future
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